SlotSultan Capsa Susun is a very popular game in various countries. This game is played with concentration and calm compiling cards. Capsa Susun is a game using playing cards arranged by the player into an arrangement with the highest value SlotSultan, if the card arrangement gets the highest value, it will be the winner. This capsa stacking game is known as sap sam cheung which means 13 (number of cards) in the SlotSultan game.

This game has spread to SlotSultan and has been rooted in our beloved country of Indonesia for a long time, because this online capsa game is very fun and very easy to play so many online gambling players play this online capsa game. Each player is dealt 13 cards arranged into a combination of cards with different values ​​at each card level, the cards must be arranged into three parts, each arrangement has a different value, the winner will be determined.

Basically the top card is the card with the highest value, but it is not the same as the capsa card arrangement which has the three lowest cards at the top. Then in the middle as well as the bottom there are five cards in each level. The flower images in the SlotSultan card arrangement have different motifs, the spade is the highest flower that must be arranged at the bottom. For diamond flowers, it is the lowest flower that will be arranged at the top.

Here is the Combination of the Capsa Susun Card from the Highest Value:

Royal Dragon is the perfect arrangement of cards and is difficult to get, because the arrangement of all these types of cards must be the same, it is fixed if you get this card, you will win.
Dragon is the second perfect card after the royal dragon card, the point of difference lies in the leaf. If the royal dragon card has a card arrangement with the same flower, in contrast to the dragon it has a sequence but different flower arrangement. The difference between the two card arrangements is only the development of SlotSultan.
Royal flush is a card arrangement in which there are five consecutive cards from the number 10 to the highest number and the same flower.
A straight flush is five cards in sequential order from numbers nine to K, can also be arranged from AS to number 5. In this arrangement must be of the same suit.
4 Of Akind is the same four sheets also equipped with one other free card. If you find an opponent with the same type of card, the winner is determined by the one with the highest card value.
Full House is a card arrangement that is equipped with 3 of akind cards and 1 pair, the value of the full house card is determined by the value of 3 of akind. If the full house arrangement is against a straight card, then the full house wins the bet.
Flush is a combination of cards with different numbers but the flower must be the same. Comparison of cards of this type by seeing which card value is higher.
Stright is a combination of cards arranged with consecutive numbers but not necessarily with the same flower. This type of card will later be compared by looking at the flowers on which card has a higher value.
3 Of Akind is a combination of three cards with the same number and two free cards.
2 mixed pairs between two pairs of SlotSultan pair cards & one free card as a kicker, if another player gets a card of this type the winner is determined by being pegged at the highest pair value.
1 Pair is a combination of a pair of cards that have the lowest value, if you meet the same opponent, the winning pair card is determined from the flower of each card
High Card is a combination of cards with the highest value but this card is the lowest card.

Number of Points on Capsa Susun Online:

3 Of Akind at the top there are as many as 5 points
Full House has 3 points in the middle
The bottom full house has 1 point
4 of Akind in the middle there are 14 points
4 of Akind at the bottom there are 7 points
The middle straight flush has 18 points
The bottom straight flush has 9 points
Royal Straight Flush in the middle has 22 points
The bottom Royal Straight Flush has 11 points
3 Straight terdapat 9 point
3 Flush there are 9 points SlotSultan
6 pairs have 9 points
5 Pairs and one 3ofakind card has 18 points
There are 24 points in the same color
Dragon has 39 points
Dragon with the same color has 139 points

So much information from me about the combination of Capsa Susun Online and the number of points in Capsa Susun online. Hopefully SlotSultan can be an important input for you. send regards for success

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