SlotSultan Capsa Susun is a very popular game in various countries. This game is played with concentration and calm compiling cards. Capsa Susun is a game using playing cards arranged by the player into an arrangement with the highest value SlotSultan, if the card arrangement gets the highest value, it will be the winner. This capsa stacking game is known as sap sam cheung which means 13 (number of cards) in the SlotSultan game.

This game has spread to SlotSultan and has been rooted in our beloved country of Indonesia for a long time, because this online capsa game is very fun and very easy to play so many online gambling players play this online capsa game. Each player is dealt 13 cards arranged into a combination of cards with different values ​​at each card level, the cards must be arranged into three parts, each arrangement has a different value, the winner will be determined.

Basically the top card is the card with the highest value, but it is not the same as the capsa card arrangement which has the three lowest cards at the top. Then in the middle as well as the bottom there are five cards in each level. The flower images in the SlotSultan card arrangement have different motifs, the spade is the highest flower that must be arranged at the bottom. For diamond flowers, it is the lowest flower that will be arranged at the top.

Here is the Combination of the Capsa Susun Card from the Highest Value:

Royal Dragon is the perfect arrangement of cards and is difficult to get, because the arrangement of all these types of cards must be the same, it is fixed if you get this card, you will win.
Dragon is the second perfect card after the royal dragon card, the point of difference lies in the leaf. If the royal dragon card has a card arrangement with the same flower, in contrast to the dragon it has a sequence but different flower arrangement. The difference between the two card arrangements is only the development of SlotSultan.
Royal flush is a card arrangement in which there are five consecutive cards from the number 10 to the highest number and the same flower.
A straight flush is five cards in sequential order from numbers nine to K, can also be arranged from AS to number 5. In this arrangement must be of the same suit.
4 Of Akind is the same four sheets also equipped with one other free card. If you find an opponent with the same type of card, the winner is determined by the one with the highest card value.
Full House is a card arrangement that is equipped with 3 of akind cards and 1 pair, the value of the full house card is determined by the value of 3 of akind. If the full house arrangement is against a straight card, then the full house wins the bet.
Flush is a combination of cards with different numbers but the flower must be the same. Comparison of cards of this type by seeing which card value is higher.
Stright is a combination of cards arranged with consecutive numbers but not necessarily with the same flower. This type of card will later be compared by looking at the flowers on which card has a higher value.
3 Of Akind is a combination of three cards with the same number and two free cards.
2 mixed pairs between two pairs of SlotSultan pair cards & one free card as a kicker, if another player gets a card of this type the winner is determined by being pegged at the highest pair value.
1 Pair is a combination of a pair of cards that have the lowest value, if you meet the same opponent, the winning pair card is determined from the flower of each card
High Card is a combination of cards with the highest value but this card is the lowest card.

Number of Points on Capsa Susun Online:

3 Of Akind at the top there are as many as 5 points
Full House has 3 points in the middle
The bottom full house has 1 point
4 of Akind in the middle there are 14 points
4 of Akind at the bottom there are 7 points
The middle straight flush has 18 points
The bottom straight flush has 9 points
Royal Straight Flush in the middle has 22 points
The bottom Royal Straight Flush has 11 points
3 Straight terdapat 9 point
3 Flush there are 9 points SlotSultan
6 pairs have 9 points
5 Pairs and one 3ofakind card has 18 points
There are 24 points in the same color
Dragon has 39 points
Dragon with the same color has 139 points

So much information from me about the combination of Capsa Susun Online and the number of points in Capsa Susun online. Hopefully SlotSultan can be an important input for you. send regards for success

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Tips and Tricks to Play Poker Online

VIP579 Hello, bettors and online game lovers, it’s back with mimin. On this occasion, Mimin will discuss about one of the most popular online games among gamers or bettors, namely the poker game. Who doesn’t know about this poker game? Indeed, for some people this game still sounds a bit foreign, but for online game lovers, it must be familiar and even often play it. Because this online poker game is also widespread and widely circulated on the internet from those using real money or not. And even this online poker game itself currently has many types. Online platforms such as Facebook also provide poker games, but VIP579 does not use real money.

The poker game itself is a card game that uses playing cards totaling fifty VIP579 cards. In this poker game, there are usually a maximum of eight to nine people. Among the players there will be one player who is in charge of being a dealer or often called a dealer. The job of the dealer or dealer in this game is to distribute cards to each player. If you want to be a dealer or dealer, you have to increase your capital or easier, the dealer always has the biggest total bet or bet among all players. Mimin’s advice for novice players is not to immediately try to become a dealer. If you think you have mastered this game, then you move into a city. The following is a list of tips and tricks for winning this online poker game:


This is very crutial or very important for VIP579 because you play poker using real money, it is highly recommended to have sufficient capital, and also you have to adjust the capital you have with the total bet or betting available at the table or room that you will choose to play. play this online poker. Do not immediately play at a table or large room if you are still a beginner. Play first at a small VIP579 table or room, that way you will get used to this poker game. Even if you lose, you won’t lose too much.


Try to play with focus and in a calm state. Do not be easily provoked by emotions, especially if you have experienced defeat. It’s not good to experience defeat, but try to stay focused. Wait until your opponent moves to the limit or the time you open the card. If you get a good VIP579 card, I suggest you to increase the bet. This technique will scare your opponent and fold their cards then they will not continue the game in that round. Now this way you will very easily win this online poker game.


This is the most important thing because if you choose the wrong agent then your money will very easily just disappear. Because in an era like this, there are lots of VIP579 online gambling game sites that commit fraud or scams. Do not easily believe in online gambling agent sites that offer unreasonable bonuses, and which do not have fast service. Especially with online gambling agents who are complicated in terms of withdrawing funds, it is better not to play on these sites.

So first for tips and tricks from Mimin for online poker games. Hopefully useful for all of you. As soon as VIP579 is put into practice, mimin, I hope you all win, have fun playing and good luck. VIP579 Thank you.

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Strategies to Get Jackpot in VIP579 Online Togel Betting

At this time, there have been so many types of online lottery betting markets that have sprung up. So at times like this you don’t need to worry about wanting to play lottery betting games. At all times, this type of number or number bet has been very popular since the first. Even now, lottery betting games have become very popular everywhere in various countries at once. So it has become a common thing in every playing online lottery betting game. We will continue to explain and share tips about some of the most popular types of online lottery betting markets. It is known that this type of lottery betting game has been played by many people and there is no need to doubt it. Because indeed we are here to continue to provide knowledge about several types of existing online lottery betting markets. On this occasion, we will share one type of online lottery market that has been popular in neighboring countries until now.

We will discuss this one Malaysian market lottery bet in a very complete and interesting way. The longer it takes, the more exciting it becomes for all of you who like to play lottery betting games. Now indeed playing lottery bets will be very exciting for you and you can win. But indeed the Malaysian lottery market is the most famous and popular, namely VIP579. The VIP579 online lottery betting market has been around for a long time and has been operating in Malaysia for a long time too. This has indeed made the Malaysian and Singaporean markets one of the most sought after lottery markets. Until now, it is not only that many people are looking for it, but many people have played it. So from here, we want to discuss the type of lottery market in Malaysia, namely the VIP579 lottery.

About the Correct Problem of Playing VIP579 Togel Online

There are many things that you can play or several ways that can make you win. But indeed this lottery betting game is not exactly easy or easy to win. On this occasion we will discuss all the ways you can do when playing the VIP579 lottery bet. So far, many people have known that this lottery betting game has a very difficult chance of winning. It’s just that if you get a win it will be so big. The advantage of getting a win in the lottery betting game will not mess with your small capital, you can already get a big profit. So that’s why this game is liked by many people and more and more people are looking for this bet. All of this is indeed for those who have been playing for a long time or those who are new, don’t need to despair if you don’t get a win. The process of achieving this bet victory is already fairly difficult but that’s what you have to try as much as possible.

Playing lottery bets may be considered as having to be patient and careful when placing numbers that are considered accurate. You can’t play this VIP579 lottery betting game every day. Because in this market you can only play on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. This means that in one week of this VIP579 lottery betting game you can only play three times. After that, this type of VIP579 lottery bet you also have to know the opening hours of the lottery market. In some types of lottery markets, the only difference is the market opening hours, the numbers. In this VIP579 lottery market, you can see the opening hours of the lottery market at 18.40 WIB. This Malaysian lottery market can be considered to have market opening hours almost close to the Singapore lottery which is 17.45 WIB.

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How To Play DominoQQ Well And Know The Law Of The DominoQQ Game

Hello friends who like to play online gambling, and especially like the dominoqq game. This dominoqq game is widely known by people and this game is very popular from the time of the ancestors. And until now also in the current era which is very sophisticated. A game that has been around for centuries and until now this game is still loved by many people. Especially in an era that is modern and sophisticated. You can play this dominoqq game wherever you are, because you can already play it through your own cellphone. And you don’t have to bother anymore to travel to the city so you can play dominoqq. And now we will discuss in this article how to play dominoqq well and know the logs of the dominoqq game.

This dominoqq game is a relatively complicated game. Because you have to know how to play the card count funds from this dominoqq game. This game also relies on logs from the dominoes. You have to know which logs are big and which are the small ones in this dominoqq game. If you play dominoqq, you just play and you don’t know the arrangement of the cards. Then you have wasted your funds in vain, if you win it means you get good hockey in the game.

How to Play DominoQQ From My Explanation

This game uses dominoes and therefore this game is called dominoqq. And Q means the highest value, 9 QQ is 99. In the dominoqq game you only play 4 cards in one betting table. In the dominoqq game, it is not much different from the others in this game. There is a maximum of 8 players at one table and a minimum of 2 players. The dominoqq game does not have a dealer like other games. So you only compete for cards with 7 players who are in the same betting table with you. You will be dealt 4 cards by the betting table dealer. After you combine the results you will be given 1 more card to determine your victory. When against a player who is at the same table with you. If you already have.

Cards Used When Playing DominoQQ In My opinion

In this game there are logs, balak is the part of the card that is said to be twins like 2/2 is called balak. And the smallest log of this dominoqq game is 0/0 until the largest log is 6/6. This 6/6 card is the highest log in this game, but the log can be defeated by the jackpot in the game. As in the fourth of the number of cards you make 99 the result of a 99 card is said to be a big one. Because QQ 99 but 99 can be defeated by a small pure jackpot. Small pure is from the number of four cards that cannot exceed 9 if it exceeds then it is not considered pure small.

In the dominoqq game if you play and get a total of four 33 cards and the same player. While at the same table with you. Getting the same number of cards is called a TIE. TIE is a game term that means the same thing. If the results of the cards of the two players are the same, then a dilatation will be carried out from the logs owned by players A and B. If player A has a larger log than player B, then player A will win. If both players do not have logs, then player A will win. determined from the circle above and below the highest card. If player A has a card with a circle 2/3 1/2 and player B 4/3 2/2. Then the winner is player B who has the highest circle at the top.

That’s all for now, this article is about How to Play Dominoqq Well and Know the Chain of Custody of the Dominoqq Game. A game that is classified as difficult but don’t give up for those of you who want to know how to play dominoqq.

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Playing Online Poker Games With Poker-V . Servers

Use Poker-V servers for online poker games. If we talk about poker, of course, many people in this game know how to bet. Betting games are one of the games on the player-V website. Poker-V is a website or agency that offers 8 betting games online. There may be some people who are confused about why there are so many different poker sites. But when you enter, everything is no different. The difference lies in its color. In addition, this poker server can also be compared to a franchise. Where can you buy the name and the content you exchange for that name? The items offered are the same. This is my explanation for V-poker. I will continue to explain the nature of my discussion in this article. This is a dominoqq game, which is also very popular and very popular.

In the domino online poker game, do you know what an online domino game is? In fact, it can be said that this game is not a majority caste. Games like this originate from China, and some say they are from Europe and have been played all over the world for centuries. Dominoes can play 4 people in less than 10 minutes and can play games. The way to play is simple.

The players sit in a circle and reduce the cards. If the player does not deal a card, both sides will show the number to the player on the right side of the game. This card is made of acrylic material. A total of 28 cards have the same numbers 0-0, 6-6 and 32 and 28 apart, and up to four separate cards. Therefore, each player can receive seven different cards. This game depends on his skill and taste. This is a great example of a game.

Using PokerV Online Game Game Servers

Because the player not only needs to count/verify the following cards, but he also has to feel that the cards are still in a competitive position and blocked. Many online poker players use these servers in these days. If you only face the cards you eat, you will keep your opponent down and playing cards. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a number that your competitor doesn’t need to get a card that your competitor doesn’t have. As a general rule, in domino games the player who pays the first card will be considered the winner, and the second card and the player will be considered the winner. The third and fourth will count the remaining numbers and the winning player, and will be considered the higher number remaining. When the loser opens,

It can be said that the player who received a lot of twins or called Balak has lost or received it. If the first opponent stops his other six cards, cards 7-7 or 6-6, Balak can be a dead card. For example, if each letter matches, there will be six goals. These cards are covered by competitors, allowing each player to approach baccarat with their hands. However, getting a small card does not require a win, and players are always willing to accept it.

Players with four to five cards are the luckiest and have the best chance of managing the game. There are many ways to win this poker game. For both sides of the technology, the player must have the least amount of money. If these conditions are not met, the competitor will lose, so it is wise to reduce the competitor’s thinking. From Dino and everyday life in the game, you can discover abilities.

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